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Skin + Coat

Skin + Coat

Skin + Coat

It's kinda cool when your pups get praised for their lustrous coat at the dog park, right? #ProudDogParent

But a healthy skin and coat is more than just about looking beautiful. The general condition of your pups' skin and coat is a good indication of their overall health. So it's time to give your pup’s exterior a bit of support from the inside! 

Nectar Skin + Coat is an easy-to-use, vet-formulated, human-grade supplement designed to support healthy skin and a shiny coat in dogs.

Enriched with organic flaxseed, Gotu Kola, Nectar's Skin-Smart probiotic and postbiotic blend and other skin enhancing ingredients, Nectar Skin + Coat helps give your pup a lustrous coat and a healthy hydrated skin. 

Where's the mirror?

  • 150g water-soluble powder
  • 30-day supply
  • Plant-based
  • Delicious Aussie BBQ Sausage flavour
  • Made in Australia

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  • Vet-formulated
  • Human-grade
  • Plant-based
  • Organic ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Grain-free
  • Isotonic
Yummy on food or in water
step 1


Scoop & measure Nectar powder according to your pup’s body weight or as recommended by your Vet. 
Recommended Daily Dose

step 2


Mix Nectar with your pup's food (wet, dry or raw) as a delicious topper or dissolve in water and stir well for a hydrating snack.. 

step 3


Watch your pup enjoy Nectar!

When dissolved in water, Nectar is designed to be an isotonic supplement not a replacement for your dog’s usual water. So keep their drinking bowl topped up with clean, filtered H2O!


Dogs Love The Aussie BBQ Sausage Flavour

(Shhhh...We won’t tell them it’s made from plants)

About Ingredients

We’ve hand-picked the highest quality ingredients that deliver real health benefits for your pup. And did we mention that many of them are also organic, like our Victorian flaxseed and our Tasmanian Wakame Seaweed? Yummo!

Organic Flaxseed

A plant-based superfood and a rich source of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help keep the skin hydrated and healthy.


A water-soluble B vitamin, essential for connective tissue growth and to maintain the integrity of skin and coat.


An essential mineral involved in maintaining the healthy structure of skin and coat.

Nectar Skin-Smart Blend

A unique microbiome blend containing probiotics and postbiotics to help treats the root cause of dry or inflamed skin. Good gut health is key to supporting skin health.

Organic Tremella

Mushroom commonly known as Snow fungus, Tremella has great hydrating properties for skin care with high amount of collagen and powerful antioxidants.

Organic Gotu Kola

Herb used both in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine for thousand of years for wound healing and to restore elasticity of the skin.

Dog Parents Love it

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Marianne B.

Skin + Coat

jacqueline j.

I am happy with the skin and coat. The dogs love it and their coats have become softer and shinier.
Kind regards, Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline, thanks so much for taking the time to review your pup's Skin+Coat - I really appreciate it and thrilled to hear that your dogs are enjoying the benefits! Gabriel

Brendon R.
Nectar of the Dogs more like Gods

Skin + Coat is literal gold! My girl Willow has a grass allergy and gets a red rashy belly and itchy skin because of this however since starting on skin + coat her skin cleared up in 3 days and has stayed clear since. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a dog with skin issues it works amazingly

Hi Brendon,
What an awesome story ! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us - it makes us very happy to hear that Nectar is able to support the beautiful Willow. Thank you as well for the pic - she is such a gorgeous girl. Let us know if you ever have any questions - we are here to help. Sending you lots of pats and love from the Nectar team ❤️

Skin and coat

We've been using the supplement for a few weeks now, and despite not being able to see a massive change in Cece's coat, we're happy to see that she itches a bit less than before. We also started using it at a time when her shedding was absolutely crazy (we were using the vaccum twice a day and the house was still full of fur) and now her shedding has gone down to its usual level. I'm not 100% sure if it was because of the supplement but maybe it was the little kick she needed at the time. I'm happy to continue to integrate it as part of her regular food supplements as I do want to maintain her coat looking nice and healthy. Plus, she seems to enjoy it whether she takes it as a drink or sprinkled on her food which is a massive plus for a picky eater like Cece.

Skin and coat

I have two cocker spaniels, one of who has had bad dandruff and itching since I got him. Since using this, not only has the itching stopped and the dandruff disappeared, both of their coats look great.

Hello Morgana.We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback. We are very happy to hear that the pups are going well on Nectar and that their coat is in great condition. Thank you for your trust and please send us some pictures of your two babies, we love meeting our Nectar furry family. ❤️