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Immune + Wellness

Immune + Wellness

Immune + Wellness

Just like us, our furry BFFs are at their happiest and healthiest when they have a strong immune system. A healthy immune system acts as a shield against pathogens and helps with the recovery from illness. 

 Nectar Immune + Wellness is an easy-to-use, vet-formulated, human-grade supplement designed to support healthy immune function in dogs. It contains clinically-trialled Wellmune for Pets™, a clever ingredient that ‘binds’ with immune cells and strengthens them against infection and disease, as well as organic Astragalus and medicinal mushrooms.

  • 150g water-soluble powder
  • 30-day supply
  • Plant-based
  • Delicious Aussie BBQ Sausage flavour
  • Made in Australia

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  • Vet-formulated
  • Human-grade
  • Plant-based
  • Organic ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Grain-free
  • Isotonic
  • Australian-Made
Yummy on food or in water
step 1


Scoop & measure Nectar powder according to your pup’s body weight or as recommended by your Vet. 
Recommended Daily Dose

step 2


Mix Nectar with your pup's food (wet, dry or raw) as a delicious topper or dissolve in water and stir well for a hydrating snack.. 

step 3


Watch your pup enjoy Nectar!

When dissolved in water, Nectar is designed to be an isotonic supplement not a replacement for your dog’s usual water. So keep their drinking bowl topped up with clean, filtered H2O!


Dogs Love The Aussie BBQ Sausage Flavour

(Shhhh...We won’t tell them it’s made from plants)

About Ingredients

We’ve hand-picked the highest quality ingredients that deliver real health benefits for your pup. And did we mention that many of them are also organic, like our Victorian flaxseed and our Tasmanian Wakame Seaweed? Yummo!

Wellmune® Beta Glucan

A unique and clinically researched yeast beta glucan to help strengthen the immune system and fight against disease.

Organic Astragalus

A powerful adaptogenic herb that improves resistance to daily stress.

Organic Cordyceps

A mushroom traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to provide energy and to support the body’s immune system, especially during periods of chronic illness.

Organic Reishi

With a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is well known for its tonic properties.

Plant-based Vit D3

An algal source of vitamin D3, an essential vitamin that helps to regulate immune responses.

Dog Parents Love it

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jessica O.
Awesome product

Hi my old girl Sapphire has pancreatitis and since using the immune and wellness supplement has not had an attack, and is eating much better, My other girl Pearl has had a knee operation and since using the joint & longevity supplement we were able to take her off the anti-inflammatory drugs and she is walking much better. so thank you.

Hi Jessica,
This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this picture of your furry family and for your kind words. The pups are gorgeous. We are very happy to hear that they are going really well and that Nectar is able to provide some good health support. This is the reason why we started the business / products in the first place, so it means a lot to us. Sending you lots of pats and Nectar love ❤️

Margot S.
so far so good

Piper seems to be enjoying this product sprinkled on her food is well in herself and not eating as much grass hopefully its working for her

Marianne B.
Nectar Immune Wellness

I have tried a lot of products and this works out economical as I have 3 dogs, one of which is large. Good price and works well for allergies.

Thank you very much Marianne for your kind review. We are very happy to hear that Nectar is working well for you and your pups, especially with a 'large' furry family like yours. We appreciate your trust and feedback and would love to see a picture of your pups if you ever get the chance. ❤️

Coco Loves it!

I think the flavour makes all the difference, she eats it all and even licks the bowl. She is looking healthier. Thank you.

Hi Jennifer. Thank you so much for your review.We really do appreciate it. It's great to hear that Coco loves her Nectar Immune + Wellness and you are noticing the health benefits too. We are so happy to be able to play our part in her daily health routine. Please share a pic - we would love to say hello to Coco. Sending lots of pats your way.


My dog seems to love the taste!