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[EPISODE 7] Decoding the cat / human relationship with Chris O'Neil

Cats are ofter misunderstood and often treated as "little dogs". It was time for Dr.Mike and Gabe to dig deeper into some feline topics and decode the world of our feline companions.

In today's episode of A Modern Animal we are delighted to be joined by Chris O'Neil, a passionate and experienced cat behaviourist and founder of the cat behaviour solutions online platform - Catology.

Together, they explore how to answer the needs of cats and keep them happy and well balanced. More specifically, they investigate:

  • How Chris got into the feline space and became a cat behaviourist
  • The top 5 cat issues experienced by cat owners
  • The cat / human dynamic
  • How to best manage change with cats
  • Cat diets and correlations with behaviours
  • How to setup the right environment for cats to thrive

 "With cats it is less about training and more about creating the right environment" Chris O'Neil, Cat Behaviourist & Founder of Catology



Chris is a cat behaviourist and the founder of Catology – Cat Behaviour Solutions. Like most people who end up working with animals, he grew up with a household full of them. And from a young age he aspired to be a veterinarian. In high school, he approached his local vet and asked if he could join in on consultations and see how things were done. Amazingly, they accepted, and Chris attended twice a week after school for many months, until he was offered a job maintaining their cattery and looking after the cats.

Fast forward many years, Chris unfortunately didn’t become a veterinarian, and instead spent most of his adult career in the corporate world. During this time, he and his partner at the time fostered several kitten litters and adopted three cats of their own (the ‘triplets’). As the triplets were growing up, typical aggressive behavioural issues began to emerge. Chris spent countless hours researching cat behaviour and “fixes” for these issues. Eventually, with lots of trial and error, and some patience, the triplets were living back in harmony. Chris realised that if they are having these issues, many others must be too. During his time working at the vet surgery, he saw many cats being medicated and even euthanised for similar behaviours. He now realises that these "bad" behaviours can be changed. Chris went on to complete a Diploma of Animal Behaviour Science and Technology, specialising in Felines, through the highly-regarded Companion Animal Sciences Institute.

Since then, he decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his passion helping other cat guardians live peacefully and harmoniously with their cats. When Chris isn’t helping individual cat owners all around the world, he loves to write educational materials, teaching owners how to keep their cats happy, healthy and fulfilled. He has authored a popular eBook “It’s Not Your Cat, It’s You!”, manages an online club “Club Catology”, and authors two regular newsletters, “The Daily Meow” and “Confessions of a Cat Behaviourist”.








Chris has developed plenty of great resources for cat parents.

More about Catology - cat behaviour solutions:

Chris's eBook - it's not your cat, it's you:

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