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[EPISODE 6] The World of Pet Insurance with Dr Stephen Rose

Joining us today on A Modern Animal is Dr. Stephen Rose, an experienced veterinarian of 20 years and the CEO of Trupanion Australia, a leading pet insurance provider.

Tune in as Stephen gives a balanced view of the pet insurance industry and takes Gabe and Dr Mike through the ins and outs of taking up pet insurance for our beloved pets. Specifically, this episode will cover:

  • How Dr. Stephen Rose transitioned from Vet practice to the corporate world and pet insurance.
  • How pet parents come to pet insurance.
  • Self insurance as an alternative to pet insurance.
  • The different considerations pet parents should take into account when thinking about pet insurance.
  • When is a good time to start with pet insurance.
  • The role of veterinarians in starting the conversation on pet insurance.
  • Innovation in the pet insurance world and the role of technology.

 "I still get that joy and sense of reward by helping pets on a really grand scale". Dr.Stephen Rose, Veterinarian, CEO - Trupanion Australia



Dr Stephen Rose is an experienced veterinarian of 20 years, having worked in mixed animal practice, owned his own veterinary hospital doing a lot of after hours emergencies and then also managed a group of 12 corporate hospitals. He understands the real impact of cost of veterinary care on families when a pet gets sick or injured. He completed a Masters in Information Technology and then founded Trupanion Pet insurance in Australia.

As CEO and founder his vision is to allow pet owners to budget for the unexpected, and change the conversation at the veterinary hospital. Trupanion Australia has allowed Dr Steve to spread his ability to help pets, far beyond one patient at a time. He aspires to offer every Australian pet and their family the chance to get veterinary help in the tough times. Essentially disrupting the pet insurance market in Australia.






More about Trupanion Australia:

  • Trupanion Pet Insurance, a better kind of pet insurance, now in Australia.
  • 90% benefit with no payout limits or sub-limits on eligible claims, this plan is unique in Australia.
  • Trupanion’s one simple plan allows the pet loving people to have peace of mind for their four legged family members.
  • For more information about their one simple plan - 
  • Get a Quick and Free quote -

Additional Resources about Trupanion and Pet insurance:


* Trupanion Pet Insurance issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd. Consider the PDS before deciding if the product is right for you. PDS and TMD available at

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