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[EPISODE 5] Understanding Pet Nutrition with Shiva Greenhalgh

Understanding Pet Nutrition

Today, Gabe and Dr Mike welcome Shiva Greenhalgh a registered animal nutritionist to A Modern Animal to talk about the ins and outs of our pets' diets.

In this "meaty" episode our panel will discuss:

  • The non linear journey Shiva had to become a leading animal nutritionist
  • A review of different feeding styles and why personal preference matters
  • Understanding the concept of Complete and Balance in pet food
  • The watchouts when buying pet food
  • The future of pet food as a multi-sensorial experience
  • The role of supplementation



Shiva Greenhalgh is a registered and practicing animal nutritionist (RAnNutr) , with a focus area in companion animals. Shiva completed her bachelor of arts from the Australian National University of Australia, followed by a bachelor of science (Zoology) from Western Sydney University.

She then went on to complete her masters in Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) at the University of Sydney. Shiva is currently in her final stage of completing her PhD at the University of Sydney which she is due to complete by 2022.

Shiva's focus in companion animal nutrition spans across commercial product development as well as private practice where she guides owners on the best nutrition for their pets across different life stages and conditions, formulating varying diets for differing needs based on evidence-based practice. Shiva's areas of interest lie across all areas of clinical nutrition.

Shiva has recently joined Australia’s leading online pet retailer, Pet Circle as their in-house Animal Nutritionist. Shiva is a wife and mother of three daughters, and paw parent to a cheeky Keeshond called Mona, and two cats Henry and Goblin.

 "It is important to get the right balance between meeting our pets' needs given their conditions and giving them a sense of joy when they eat" Shiva Greenhalgh







Shiva recommends the below websites as a reliable source of information for pet parents on pet nutrition:


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