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[EPISODE 4] Foundations of Dog Behaviour with Glenn Cooke

In this episode of A Modern Animal, Gabe and Dr Mike are joined by one of Australia's (and world's) leading animal behaviourists, Glenn Cooke.

Together they explore:

  • How Glenn first got introduced to animal and canine behavioural science
  • The critical period of social and neurological development in dogs
  • The key requirements we need to be aware of as per parents
    • Relationship with veterinarians
    • The right diet
    • Adequate education 
    • Love, affection & plan
  • Why aiming for a win/win relationship with your dog is critical

 "Teach your dog what the game is and how to win it" Glenn Cooke



  • Training director for Canine Evolution
  • General Manager for Pet Resorts Australia

Glenn has a long-standing career in the professional pet care and training industry. He is the training director for Canine Evolution and has been training people and their dogs for over 3 decades with specific expertise in behavioural problem solving, aggression management, puppy raising and development, socialisation and environmental conditioning, and advanced obedience. 

Glenn is highly qualified in Dog Behaviour and Assessment with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He is also an active member of the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF). Glenn frequently consults for various government and law enforcement agencies to help train and handle explosive detection dogs.

Glenn is also the General Manager for Pet Resorts Australia, one of the leading and finest pet care facilities in Australia.

Finally, in his spare time (what spare time ??) Glenn co-hosts one of the world’s most successful training podcasts - The Canine Paradigm

We are extremely privileged to have Glenn with us on the show.









Learning resources for teaching canine behaviour which has many hours of education.


Podcasts Glenn is involved with and produce are:

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