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Wellmune for Pets: How does it work?

Everything you need to know about Wellmune for Pets

We all want our pups to feel their best. 

Whilst sickness is often out of our hands, there are many easy preventative measures you can take to keep your dog healthy and strong.  

Wellmune is a unique and clever ingredient (a beta-glucan) that has been clinically researched in humans for many years (and more recently in dogs) to help strengthen the immune system. We’re unpacking how Wellmune for Pets works, and how it achieves such great results for our dogs.

Wellmune is a Yeast Beta Glucan, but what does that mean? 

Beta glucans are soluble fibres that are found in the cell walls of fungi, algeae, yeasts and cereals like oat, sorgham and barley.

However, these beta glucans all have different qualities, and only yeast beta glucans have been shown to have strong benefits for the immune system. 

Yeast beta glucans act as immunomodulators, which means that they train the body’s immune cells to react when threatened. 

The body doesn’t produce beta glucans naturally, so the only way to get them is through food and supplementation. 

But not all Yeast Beta Glucan are created equal. Wellmune is the only ingredient supported by over a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies to demonstrate its efficacy. 

How does Wellmune work? 

When consumed daily, Wellmune supports the immune system by training immune cells to react to illness.

But how?

  • When Wellmune enters your gut, it’s absorbed by immune cells called macrophages. These macrophages carry Wellmune to your immune organs. 
  • At the immune organs, Wellmune is broken down into smaller pieces, which attach themselves to immune cells called neutrophils. 
  • Once attached, Wellmune trains the neutrophils so they’re able to move more effectively when attacked by foreign invaders. 

This process increases the body’s trained immunity, or in other words, it helps the immune system learn to protect the body against pathogens. 

Wellmune supports the immune system 

Wellmune works to support rather than boost the immune system. This is because boosting the immune system isn’t necessarily the key to immune health.

But why? 

When you’re boosting the immune system, you’re doing too much. Boosting the immune system over-stimulates it, whereas supporting it maintains its balance. 

Our bodies are constantly striving to maintain a state of homeostasis. However, this cannot be achieved if the immune system is boosted. 

The immune system does not need to be enhanced, it just needs to be healthy and work. So, rather than trying to improve it, we want to prime it so it’s ready for action. And Wellmune does just that.

How effective is Wellmune?

When it comes to supporting immune health, a 2020 study found that Wellmune is the best performing yeast beta glucan due to its unique chemical structure. 

This study highlighted the efficiency of Wellmune in a range of scenarios. It was found that: 

  • Wellmune was able to protect children during flu season. In fact, it was found that Wellmune reduced the duration and incidence of the common cold by 66%. 
  • Wellmune provided many benefits to children recovering from acute respiratory infection. 

Wellmune has many proven benefits, making it an effective supplement to give to your pets this winter. 

Is Wellmune safe?

Wellmune is a natural ingredient and its safety is backed by research and clinical trials. 

According to this 2007 toxicology assessment, Wellmune is safe to consume for both humans and pets, as it has no adverse or toxic effects.  

Benefits of Wellmune for pets 

Feeding Wellmune to our furry friends can provide them with many wonderful benefits. The beta glucan is able to:

  • Support the immune system
  • Improve immunity 
  • Enhance overall wellbeing
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Help with vaccine efficacy 

How can I feed Wellmune to my pets?

The best way to feed Wellmune to your pets is by adding it to their meals daily.  

And we’ve made this super easy for you.

Nectar’s Immune + Wellness supplement is the pawfect way to support your pup’s immune system. 

This powder is infused with Wellmune at the right dose and other beneficial immune enhancing  ingredients that will help protect your pup against foreign invaders. 

And the best part? All you need to do is scoop some of this delicious powder into your dog’s food or dissolved in a bit of water bowl. And trust us, its Aussie BBQ sausage flavour is guaranteed to make your dog drool with delight.  

Protect your pup

Wellmune is a great and unique ingredient to add to your pup’s nutrition to keep them strong and healthy

By binding itself to immune cells, it supports your pup’s immune health so it can better defend itself against illnesses.

Our dogs are our world, and we’ll do anything to protect them.

By learning the best ways to strengthen your pup’s immunity, you’ll be able to live a long and happy life with your furry friend. 

Want to learn more about your puppy's immune system? Check out our other article about immune health. 

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