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Nectar Spotlight: Allan & Molly

Nectar of the Dogs is about making life happier and healthier for our best friends.

Our dogs are our world, and nothing makes us happier than hearing from dog parents who have tried our supplements and had great results.

Whether it's improved gut health, more energy or a shinier coat, we love to hear how Nectar has improved the lives of real dogs.

Here is the story of Allan and Molly


We first had the pleasure of meeting Allan and Molly at the RSPCA Million Paw Walks in Sydney and have loved hearing from them ever since. We caught up with them recently to hear their story.

Supplements that aid the process of ageing 

Allan got Molly, a beautiful Saint Bernard, as a puppy almost 10 years ago. Molly has been a big part of his life ever since and hasn't left his side for the last decade. We were amazed to witness the bond between Allan and Molly and loved to see the care and attention Allan gives Molly (which she gives back, and more, in love and cuddles).  

Being a St Bernard Molly is now in her senior years and Allan wanted to make this phase as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for her. Unfortunately for the last year or so, Molly was visibly slowing down. 

As a larger dog, her joints have felt the pressure as she ages and this led to her not wanting to go for walks as much as she used to.

"I always say it's rude to ask a woman's weight, but Molly is 80 kilos" he laughs. "As she aged she found it harder to go on walks. Before we found Nectar of the Dogs she really didn't want to go at all, she'd look up at you as if to ask do I have to?".

Molly's new lease of life

Allan knew that food alone wasn't really giving Molly the support she needed at her age. "I thought why not try a supplement to help her joints and mobility and see what happens. Within 4 days Molly had changed".

Molly's condition improved almost immediately, and her energy levels and eagerness for a walk kickstarted in the first week. "She was keen to go for a walk and was a lot more active around the house. It brought her back to what she was like about 2.5 years prior - being active and wanting to get our and about again".

"It's like seeing her step back in time"

Allan was amazed by the results of supplementation using our Joint Health And Longevity, and the best part of using Nectar was that Molly loves the taste and the ingredients are always human-grade.

"She loves the flavours" he says. "Her favourite flavour is bbq sausage. She knows when that can opens and she comes running over".

"I also love that it's plant based. I'm on a plant based diet myself and knowing that the supplements are human grade makes all the difference. If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for Molly".


We are truely grateful and humbled by the story of Allan and Molly and are delighted that we are able to play a little part in giving pet parents and their pups the support they need to live long, healthy and happy lives. 



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