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5 cute dog videos that are guarantee to make you smile

5 dog videos that can't be missed

Who doesn’t love cute dog videos?

No matter what type of day you’re having, watching dog videos is the best way to brighten up your mood. 

This has even been backed by research. Unsurprisingly, it’s been found that watching cute animal videos can boost your mental health. Science doesn’t lie.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate and watch cute dog videos, now is the time.

Here are 5 a-paw-able dog videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

Funny Chef Dog Makes Smoothies! Funny Dog Maymo

Chef Maymo is a five star luxury chef who cooks a range of flavourful meals, including chicken noodle soup, pizza and…only kidding. 

Maymo is an adorable dog who has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his antics. Maymo constantly finds himself being pranked by his owners, but during his down time, he likes to cook meals for his family. Chef Maymo has good intentions, but often his meals go awry, which we find ourselves laughing at every time. 

We love this video because nothing makes us happier than watching Maymo cook with his little paws. If you’ve had a long day at work, this is the pawfect video to put a smile back on your face. 

My Husky REFUSES To Take A Bath! (SHE ARGUES!)

Meeka is an adorable yet (apparently) stinky Husky who absolutely refuses to take a shower. We all know how vocal our Husky friends can get.

This video is hilarious because the dialogue between Meeka and her owners is so human-like. When watching this, it's easy to forget that Meeka’s a dog. 

We love how dramatic Meeka is when she’s asked to go to the bathroom. 

This video is perfect for people who are procrastinating, because they’ll find this content super relatable. This definitely mirrors the way we behave when returning from our lunch break on a Monday. 


@huxleythepandapuppy No dogs problem 🐼#pandapuppy #dogcomedy ♬ original sound - animalsdoingthings


Puppy hides amongst toys to fool landlord

Dogs can be pretty smart when they want to be, and this little 'panda puppy' proves that he’s got the smarts and obedience to camoflauge.

Dressed up as a teddy bear, this little dog seems quite happy amongst the cuddly toys that he blends in with so well.

This TikTok video has amassed hundreds of thousands of views, and it’s easy to see why. This pup is guaranteed to make you smile.

Cute Dog Waits for Santa Video

If you’re having a ruff day, this cinematic holiday video will completely restore your happiness.

If you love a bit of a storyline, you’ll love this short video. It depicts a puppy waiting outside for Santa with a plate of cookies. Honestly, this video is just too cute. 

And the best part?

You’ll absolutely fall in love with the puppy in this video, because we definitely did. 


Don't trust cute dachshund eyes vol.5

Who doesn’t love watching dogs play pranks on their owners?

This clever little Dachshund Doxie Din pretends to be sick so his owners give him special treatment. 

Whilst his parents aren’t looking, he wraps his leg up in a bandage, tricking them into thinking he needs to be cared for.

Doxie Din enjoys a life of luxury as he’s fed, coddled, nurtured and read to…until he gets caught.

Make sure you don’t watch this video around your pets, as it may give them ideas.   

Dog videos are seriously the best. 

You know what they say, you’ll never regret watching a dog video, but you’ll always regret the dog video you skipped. 

Well, they actually say that about exercise, but the same is true for puppy content, don’t you think? 

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