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15 adorable dog names to consider for your next pup

Adorable dog names you haven't thought of yet

Finding a unique dog name for your pup can be a challenge!

Calling out for your dog in the park often results in several dogs of the same name bounding towards you (or other pet parents wondering why you are calling their pup).

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with generic names, it doesn’t hurt to stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re getting a new dog and have spent hours mulling over a name, here is a little help. 

Here are a few cool dog names to consider for your next pup:


Food names often make great dog names. Cashew would suit dogs that are the same colour as a cashew nut, such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers and cream Pomeranians. 

Any dog with this name is sure to be a cutie.


Koda is a unique dog name that has a beautiful meaning. 

Koda means “friend”, and it has Japanese and Native American origins. This name is especially meaningful, as dogs are some of our best companions. 


If you’re planning on getting a protective dog, Xander is a great name to consider. Xander comes from the Greek name “Alexandros”, which is interpreted to mean “defender of man”. 

If you’re interested in Greek mythology, this is the perfect name for your next pup. 

Dog running


“Fuji” has a lot of cultural significance in Japan, and it can even be translated to mean “unique”, making it very fitting for this list of unique dog names!

This name is perfect for pups with distinctive features. 


In French, Milou means snowy, making it the perfect name for a white dog. This name would also suit chic, stylish dogs. And best of all, it’s fun to say out loud. 


Like Cashew, Almond is another cute nut-inspired name to call your next dog. This is a great name for smaller pups, or any dog with a light brown coat. 


This dog name is fitting for beach lovers. If you know your future dog will love matcha smoothies and walks along the beach, then Byron is the perfect name for your pup. 


If your dog is a powerful female, why not name it after Cleopatra? This name would suit confident, sassy dogs. And who knows, with a name like Cleo, she may become the leader of your family. 

Coffee inspired names - Latte / Mocha

Perfect for dogs who are full of “beans” - see what we’ve done here! But seriously, the perfect dog names for all the coffee aficionados out there. Choosing a coffee themed name for your dog will most likely be influenced by their colour. 

cute bulldog smiling


Yuki means “good fortune” in Japanese culture, and makes an adorable name for a smaller pup. Naming your dog Yuki would transform your furry friend into a good luck charm. 

Yuki would suit small, fluffy dogs, as well as pups that are super loyal. 


Arlo is a cute dog name that means “strong” in Latin. As such, Arlo makes the perfect name for protective pups. Something about this adorable name would also suit pups with a chocolate brown coat. 


Like Xander, Zeus is another name inspired by Greek mythology. Zeus was the ruler of the gods, so it's a great name for dogs that are in control. It’s also one syllable, making this name easy to call out.


We all know that dogs are too pure for this world, making Halo the perfect dog name. If your next pup has an angelic personality, calling them Halo would be very fitting. 

This name would particularly suit dogs with golden coats. 


Lulu is a name that comes from Hawaiian, Tanzanian and Swahili origins. As such, it has a few different meanings, including “calm”, “peaceful” and “precious”. This would be a suitable name for dogs with a calm demeanour, as well as dogs that hold a lot of wisdom.  


If you have a taste for food inspired names, Mochi could be the perfect name for your next dog. Because mochi are round and squishy, this name would suit round, fluffy dogs.

Although we’ll warn you, if you love Japanese rice cakes, calling your dog Mochi might intensify your food cravings.

When it comes to naming your dogs, be creative and adventurous. Draw inspiration from food, languages and nature, and soon enough, you’ll find the pawfect name for your new pup!

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