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A Modern Animal Podcast

Our co-hosts Gabriel Perera (The dog dad) and Dr. Mike Woodrow (The Aussie vet) discuss everything related to the life of a "Modern Animal"in a friendly and accessible way. In each episode, we will be joined by an animal expert guest that will share their wisdom and knowledge to help us keep our furry friends happy and healthy. 

 Gabriel Perera & Willow     Dr Mike Woodrow & Pepe

Episode 1: A love affair for animals

Pet crazy? Yes they are. But how did it all began? In our first episode of A Modern Animal, we explore how Gabe's and Mike's (our podcast co-hosts) journeys began in the animal health space as they recall their first "animal love" and the profound impact it had on their lives.

Expert Guest: Dr.Mike Woodrow

Dr Mike Woodrow (BVSc Hons) has over 30 years’ experience as a veterinary surgeon in Australia, in the UK and in the US.  He has worked across most aspects of animal health from practice to research, teaching and commercial and business development roles. 

We are very grateful to have Dr. Mike as the co-host of A Modern Animal. He is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable vet surgeon with a grounded perspective on animal health, he is also an incredible and very generous human being.

Duration : 33:08